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Private Tuition Workshop

Self-Healing Raise your Vibration Workshop

Join me for 4 hours of private tuition and earn how to Raise Your Vibration.

During this interactive workshop, you will be shown and gains hands on experience on ways to raise your vibration. You will learn:-



  • The importance of cleansing of Aura

  • Different methods of cleansing your Aura

  • How to protect your energy from lower vibrational energies

  • Grounding Techniques

  • How to tell if your chakras are blocked using a pendulum

  • Understand how crystals work

  • How to choose crystals for self-healing

  • Receive crystal healing 

  • Guided Crystal Activation Meditation

This workshop can be delivered privately in one-to-one tuition​.

It is aimed at anyone wishing to gain more confidence and knowledge when embarking upon a healing journey or wishing to work energetically.

Refreshents included.

Private one-to-one tuition - £63 (excluding crystal set). £88- including crystal chakra set

Healing Stones
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