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Mind & Healing 

Angelic Reiki  | Reiki  | Crystal Healing | Meditation | Water Mastery


Angelic Reiki is a safe, high frequency, multidimensional healing system.


This powerful - yet gentle - hands on healing system allows very high vibrational energies of Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and Galactic Healers to work on the recipient to help release physical, ancestral, emotional and karmic imbalances across all time.


Achieving a higher level of mental focus is one of the most well-known benefits of Angelic Reiki. When you are in an Angelic Healing session, the proper flow of healing energy removes all kinds of energy blocks within your four body system of the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental -  to help you unleash your creativity and allow for you to move forwards.


During an Angelic Reiki healing treatment, I am simply a bridge, a 'channel' for the angelic healing energy to pass to the recipient.


Generally, my hands are placed upon your shoulders but sometimes, I am guided to place them over a different part of your body or energy point - such as your higher heart or solar plexus.

Incorporating my knowledge and expertise of the different healing modalities I have studied, this session is very much based on my intuition and tuning into your needs at that given time.


This bespoke session is tailored to you - depending on where you are emotionally and spiritually. It incorporates a combination of reiki, sound, vibration and crystals.

This truly is a beautiful and unique

 session - that will leave you feeling totally relaxed and yet refreshed - whilst receiving all the known benefits of 'healing'.

My Guided Meditations and Sound Baths can now be found on YouTube
  • YouTube


Water Mastery is a brand new high vibrational, multidimensional healing system that blends sonic sound healing and angelic energies together to formulate a unique and complete healing system.


Working with fluid transporting systems, organs, specific acupoints and pathways, the Water Mastery Healing System will restructure and enhance the quality of all the water molecules and crystalline structures of the body. Flushing and clearing the body of emotional and physical pollutants which inhibit the frequency of each cell, structure and system and cause dis-ease

Allow me to take you on a guided journey......


Whether your desire is to just

switch off, quieten your mind, or to strengthen your connection with angels - my guided angelic meditations are delivered within a safe and sacred environment that will allow for connection.


My guided meditations are easy to follow and the presence of the loving energies are always felt.


Guided Meditations can be delivered in a 1:1or in a group session 

Each crystal has it's own individual vibration and their energy can help improve your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

They are wonderful for shifting energy, releasing blockages and promoting balance and wellbeing.

Crystals are often used to enhance my other treatments but standalone bespoke crystal healing sessions can be tailored to your specific needs.


Benefits of Healing

  • Promotes health and wellness

  • Encourages mental clarity 

  • Improves Sleep

  • Alleviates the symptoms of stress related conditions such as anxiety, depression, pain and worry

  • Helps with pain management in both the physical and emotional body

  • It can bring a sense of inner peace, calm and relaxation

  • It helps to enhance and balance all aspects of your life and in parts, total transformation

  • Helps to shift mental, emotional and spiritual stagnation

  • Strengthens self-esteem

  • Assist with the releasing of deep seated suppressed issues and emotions

  • Offers support from substance Abuse Recovery. Angelic Reiki clears the chakras of dark, dense energy and allows a more positive, cheerful wellbeing to settle in

  • Works at the soul level to help release physical, ancestral, emotional and karmic imbalances across all time

  • Aids spiritual growth, raises your vibration, heightens self-awareness and intuition. Gives you an even greater awareness of your connection to the Divine


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