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Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Reflexology, Facials

Just had the most amazing Hot Stone Massage.  Rachael's healing hands are by far the best - this massage was the best I have ever had. Told Rachael about my shoulder pain that I had and she used of range of hot stones and vibrations to help.  Whether it's for a massage, facial, sound healing, crystals to angelic Reiki, Rachael is your lady. simply amazing.

Sam V. 

Today I went to see Rachael for a hot stone massage and a gong bath...she is magic!  I came out feeling like a new woman.  I was a new level of relaxed. As Rachael worked each part of my body,  I felt the tension melt.  The gong bath was just amazing.  Rachael makes sure you are comfortable with everything she is going to do so you instantly feel at ease.  I don't think I would go to anyone else! Rachael is a special gifted angel.

Claire P

Omg!!! Omg OMG...

I try and visit Rachael every 4 weeks as it keeps me grounded and in check!...I love everything from her amazing angelic healing to her ultra amazing Gong baths!! However on Saturday, I had the pleasure of experiencing her wonderful HOT Stone Massage (which as all of Rachael's treatments include healing and sound!) Well!!....all I can say is WOW!! It was like an out of body experience!! the level of relaxation was 110%...I was drunk on relaxation!! Totally spaced out... AMAZING!!!

I want more!!! 

Rachel H

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