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 Sound Healing

Gong Baths, Sound Therapy, Group Gong Baths 

Wow, don't know where to start. Last night I went on an amazing journey of which I have never experienced before, thank you so much. I had a really restful nights sleep and  feel so alert, alive and everything seems brighter

Becky T

What a wonderful evening.  Last month I went to my first gong bath session at Rachael's. I wasnt sure about it but went back for another session yesterday.  It was absolutely amazing.  At one point, I felt like I was flying, being lifted off the floor - I also felt like I was being hugged by somebody. It was truly amazing and I would recommend the experience to anyone.

Jane W

Just returned from a beautiful sound gong session and just wow! It was amazing. Rachael is a beautiful woman and knows her stuff.  Would highly recommend. 

Claire T

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