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Please enjoy these beautiful images of some of my 121 sessions and Group Gong Sessions. Whether you come for a massage, reflexology, healing, Angelic Reiki or Sound Healing Therapy, every treatment I give is unique and tailored to you.


As a 'ladies only' therapist, I particularly love my 'Mother and Baby' sessions -  which incorporates the gentle sound of singing bowls, tuning forks and Angelic Reiki. Both the mother and child really enjoy the opportunity to relax and bond in a peaceful and angelic setting - whilst receiving the healing energies. My youngest client has been just 7 days old! 


As an accredited Sound Healing Practitioner and Angelic Reiki Master and Teacher of Angelic Reiki, all of my treatments feature an element of healing and sound as I am passionate about improving your energy flow and restoring your wellbeing. Using stemmed tuning forks during a facial or after massage or reflexology session to further balance you, is really a wonderful sensory experience. I'm also a huge fan of crystals and hold a Level 3 advanced crystal healing certificate with the renown teacher Philip Permutt - so crystals often feature in many sessions too!

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