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Saturday Morning Gong Club

- 2nd April 2022 -June 2022

Online 'Live' Gong Bath Meditation Sessions

Monthly, 4 Week Subscription £25

This session will not only be a means of meditation but will also provide healing, nourishment for your mind and physical body and will accelerate you along your ascension path.

Multidimensional Moon Energies with Gong Meditation - 

Monthly Online Sessions

- returning Summer 2022

By connecting to moons from different star systems within the Universe, we are able to receive guidance from the starlight realms and unlock pure potential from within. To work with multidimensional Moon energy is super charged amplification and an out of this world experience.

£25 is for both New &  Full Moon Phases

The Moon Gong Bath will be delivered via closed and private Facebook Group

email to reserve your space



available upon request

Via Zoom


St. Germain, Keeper of the Violet Flame is associated with several etheric retreats but on the 28th June, we are going to journey to his main etheric retreat in Table Mountain, which is in North America's Rocky Mountains.


Within Table Mountain, we will make our way to the Cave of Symbols, where we will stand before the Keeper of the Violet Flame, Saint Germain. 


St Germain will employ his powerful spiritual flame to transmute all negativity from within you, around you and dissolve it from your timeline over the many incarnations and realities that you have had on this planet. This meditation will leave you feeling uplifted, lighter, happier, focussed and calm having dissolved any dense negative energy and anxiety that is around you and within your auric field. This meditation will also enable you to hold more light within your crystalline body.


As with many of Rachael's group meditations, there is a channeled invocation from St. Germain - which will amplify the energy enabling you to release all the doesn't serve you. St.Germain has also assisted in the channeling of the meditation and his presence will be very much felt.


At the start of the evening, Rachael will talk a little bit about St. Germain and the origins of the Violet Flame - so that you have a better understanding of its powerful transmuting abilities. The Guided meditation will then be followed by an opportunity to share any experiences afterwards.

Tickets £8


Payment via bank transfer or PayPal.

Details upon request.


Monday Night Angel Communication Club 

- returning 6th June 2022


Twice a month, on a Friday, I shall taking my Sound and Gong bath to the wonderful and tranquil space of the Anahata Yoga Centre, in Leigh-on-Sea.


In addition to the evening class, I will be adding a lunchtime Gong Bath Session. 

To attend the Sound & Gong Bath, get in Touch with the Team to reserve your space;

Anahata Yoga Centre,

@ Dawn Lister Therapy Centre

 3 Church Walk

Leigh on Sea

Click on the link above or call

01702 471744

or email them at

10th & 24th June

14th & 29th July

9th & 23rd Sept

14th & 28th Oct

18th Nov

9th & 16 Dec

Deep  Rest for the Feminine Spirit

1pm - 5:30pm

with Rachael Edgley, Dawn Lister and Emily Morris

Retreat for anyone wishing to explore their feminine spirit. Retreat includes yin yoga, yoga nidra, sound bath and much more


12 June 2022

02 October 2022

11 Decemember 202

Sunday 3rd July

Collaboration with Daniel Groom

Gentle Yoga and Sound Healing

2pm - 4pm £30

GONG BATH & YOGA - Benfleet

Working alongside the wonderful

Stacie Kinchin Turner, this monthly event offers gentle yoga followed by a sound bath.

Tickets are £20 and can be purchased via Stacie Kinchin Turner. or
DM for details

22 June 2022

20 July 2022

21 Sept 2022

19 Oct 2022

23 Nov 2022

21Dec 2022

2022 DATES

LEVELS 1 & 2 - Practitioner Level

27 - 29 May  -  SOLD OUT

24 - 26 June - SOLD OUT

8 -10 July - 1 places remain

LEVELS 3 & 4 - Master Level

Proposed timing - SEPTEMBER 2022

Please email to register your interest




4 - 5 June - 1 space remains

30 - 31st July - 2 spaces remain

3 - 4 September - 4 spaces remain

14 -15 September - 4 spaces remain

See Workshops for further details of what Water Mastery entails.