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Additional ways to raise your Vibration


The energy you hold truly matters!

  • Eat a balanced healthy diet

  • Keep hydrated 

  • Express Love

  • Laugh daily

  • Dance often

  • Listen to music that makes you happy

  • Smile

  • Enjoy Yoga and Exercise 

  • Learn how to Meditate

  • Take a walk in nature

  • Live consciously

  • Connect with animals

  • Carry & wear Crystals

  • Appreciate your physical beauty

  • Keep a gratitude journal

  • Refrain from gossip and drama

  • Count your blessings 

  • Give and receive in equal measures

  • Unwind and Relax

  • Take up a hobby

  • Talk to the universe and angels

  • Stop trying to please everyone

  • Leave a toxic job

  • Avoid negative people

  • Step back from unhealthy relationships

  • Manage your own vibration first

  • Communicate freely and speak your truth

  • Be yourself

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